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County Executive John R. Leopold Leads Successful Initiative to Enforce County Code In Maryland City Community

Annapolis, MD (January 16, 2008) - County Executive John R. Leopold recently kicked off a successful initiative to identify County Code violators in Maryland City. In response to residents’ complaints, representatives from the Department of Inspections and Permits (Zoning Enforcement), Police Department, and the Department of Health’s Environmental Health Division conducted an unannounced survey of residential properties on Old Line Avenue and Crumpton South on Saturday, January 12. Approximately 10 percent of the 276 homes on the two streets were surveyed.

"My Administration has taken the initiative to respond to concerns voiced by Maryland City residents," said County Executive Leopold. "I am dedicated to improving the quality of life for people throughout the County. Overcrowding, yard trash and abandoned cars may seem minor, but they can have a negative impact on an entire community. The impact of housing and zoning violations can spread far, creating an unhealthy, dangerous neighborhood. This neglect can diminish the quality of life for a community and its children."

The survey found one or more violations at 25 properties: including 18 properties that had at least one vehicle without tags; 2 with oversized vehicles; 5 with junk and debris in the yard; 1 with structural damage and peeling paint; 1 with a storage shed in disrepair; and 2 having multiple dwellings in properties zoned for single family housing.

Owners of the properties with zoning or housing code violations will be issued notices.


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