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County Executive Leopold Directs County Attorney to Inspect Payroll Records of Billy Casper Golf, LLC

Annapolis (August 12, 2008) - County Executive John R. Leopold today directed Anne Arundel County Attorney Jonathan Hodgson to review the payroll records, I-9 employee forms, and other supporting identification documentation of Billy Casper Golf, LLC (BCG). BCG currently manages two County golf facilities. By initiating a review of the company’s record, the County has indicated that it will carefully examine whether BCG has violated the Management Agreement with Anne Arundel County by failing to comply with federal employment laws.

"I have been very clear that the County will not do business with companies that employ illegal immigrants," County Executive Leopold said. "I have directed County attorneys to review the employment records of BCG and ascertain if they are complying with state and federal employment laws. I want a thorough review with the full cooperation of Billy Casper Golf. If BCG is in full compliance with employment laws and their County contract, they should have no problem assisting the County with this review." 


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