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County Executive Leopold Increases Police Patrols on B&A Trail After Dark

Police Arrest 17 for Trespassing in Harundale

Annapolis (November 10, 2008) - County Executive John R. Leopold announced today that he has increased the police presence on the Baltimore and Annapolis Trail in the Harundale area to minimize activity after dark, leading to 17 arrests over the weekend.

In addition to regular units that patrol the trail and park rangers that walk the trail from beginning to end each day, the Anne Arundel County Police Department began after-hours bike patrols on Friday. Officers from Northern District’s P.A.C.T. Unit patrolled the trail on mountain bikes in Harundale, where an assault recently took place. Fourteen juveniles and three adults were arrested during increased patrols.

Officers and park rangers are pursuing crimes aggressively, including trespassing on the trail.

"One assault is one too many on our popular trail system, and this deployment is intended to make it clear to everyone that the trail is off limits after hours," County Executive Leopold said. "This Administration will continue to work with the community to address issues such as lighting and fencing as well. The Baltimore and Annapolis Trail is a highly prized amenity our residents consider essential to their quality of life. Hundreds of thousands of visitors utilize this trail each year."

The Police Department and the Department of Recreation and Parks are working closely together to enhance the safety of the B&A Trail Park, a 13-mile trail that stretches from Jonas Green Park in Annapolis to Dorsey Road in Glen Burnie.


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