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County Executive John R. Leopold Names Carol Baker as Director of County Department of Aging and Disabilities

Annapolis (June 16, 2008) - Anne Arundel County Executive John R. Leopold today announced that Carol R. Baker, Director of Anne Arundel County’s Department of Aging from 1989-1999 and Deputy Secretary of the Maryland Department of Aging from 2004-2007, has been asked once again to head the County Department of Aging and Disabilities.

In announcing her appointment, Mr. Leopold said, "Carol has extensive experience working with our senior population and individuals with disabilities and I know that her considerable talent and skills will once again be an asset to the department, to me, and those communities which she has served for many years."

"I have a deep appreciation for Anne Arundel County’s work with County seniors and those members of our community living with disabilities in addition to supporting the work by their caregivers. The County has a wealth of programs and services available and I look forward to being a responsive liaison to those we serve," Ms. Baker said.

Sheryl Banks, the current Director of the Department of Aging and Disabilities, has been appointed Assistant to the County Executive, a position Ms. Banks held at the outset of the Leopold Administration. She will work with the County Executive and various departments to increase outreach to the minority business community.

"Sheryl has been a valued member of my administration team since I took office," County Executive Leopold said. "I believe her assistance in this important area will enhance county operations and improve upon the strides we have already made."

Banks added, "This is an opportunity to further assist County Executive Leopold with minority business outreach, particularly with business opportunities associated with BRAC, and seek ways to increase minority participation throughout Anne Arundel County. I am grateful for Mr. Leopold’s support and confidence as I move forward with this assignment."


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