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HeartSmart Donates Life-saving Devices to Anne Arundel County

Annapolis (January 14, 2008) - HeartSmart has donated two Automated External Defibrillators (AED’s) to Anne Arundel County.

HeartSmart, the Clifford R. Roop Cardiac Support and Education Foundation, is a non-profit organization committed to increasing the chances of surviving cardiac arrest in Anne Arundel County.  Through fundraising and awareness education, the foundation supports the strategic placement of AED’s and corresponding training opportunities. The foundation was created in 2000, as a project of Leadership Anne Arundel, honoring the late County Councilman Cliff R. Roop, who died of cardiac arrest while in session.

Through a partnership with Anne Arundel County, HeartSmart has supplemented the placement of AED’s in County parks, senior centers, office buildings, and even landfills. The Risk Management Division, Central Services Office, has worked with HeartSmart to greatly enhance the foundation’s ability to place more AED’s where they are most needed to serve the public and County employees, and has facilitated CPR training and AED certification in the use of these life-saving devices. 

“This is an excellent example of a public-private partnership providing a vital tool - a proven element in the survival of those who suffer cardiac arrest - to the citizens of in Anne Arundel County,” stated County Executive John R Leopold.

HeartSmart’s Board of Director’s Chair, Brenda Desjardin, presented these two AED’s to be placed in Ft. Smallwood Park and Downs Park in Pasadena. 

For additional information, please contact Fred Schram, Director of Central Services, at (410) 222-7644.


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