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Department of Health Provides Recreational Water Quality Information on Web Site and Phone Line From Memorial Day Weekend Thru Labor Day

The Anne Arundel County Department of Health will provide water sampling results for 103 beaches in the County on its Web site and Water Quality Phone Line from Saturday, May 26 through Labor Day. County residents and visitors can check the Department’s Website for water quality results. Or they can call (410) 222-7999, an information-only line that operates 24 hours daily.

The phone line and Website also report emergency closings of local waterways. The Web site allows people to sign up to receive free e-mail notifications when a County recreational waterway is closed or an advisory is issued by the Department of Health.
The Department routinely collects water samples during the summer and tests them for enterococci, bacteria found in the intestine of all warm-blooded animals. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recommends using enterococci as indicators of waste in recreational water. When a wastewater spill or other problem causes human waste to enter a waterway, the Department will close that area for recreational use. Swimming, jet skiing and other water sports should be avoided in closed areas. The Department also advises against swimming and other direct water contact for 48 hours after rainfall.
Water quality facts and health tips for natural bodies of water are available at

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