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How Much Does a Gallon of Water Weigh?

Annapolis, MD (January 24, 2007) - How much does a gallon of water weigh? 8.34 pounds. This is an example of the knowledge needed to win the Chesapeake Section of the American Water Works Association’s "Top Ops Competition." Anne Arundel County Executive John R. Leopold presented the regional award to the team from Anne Arundel County who brought home the honors.

During the daylong competition, which took place August 31, 2006, the 3-member team made up of Larry Richardson, Mitch Franks and Steve Black represented the County in Ocean City, competing in a jeopardy style format with teams from Maryland, Delaware and the District of Columbia. Each team competed by answering questions concerning water treatment, safety and math.

When presenting the award, County Executive Leopold said, "The citizens of Anne Arundel County should be proud of the exemplary performance of these employees and share my pride in receiving this award."

As the Regional winners, the Anne Arundel County team received a silver trophy and $3,000 toward their expenses to represent Maryland’s, Delaware’s, and the District of Columbia’s 525 drinking water plants at the National Top Ops Competition next June in Toronto, Canada

By the way, how many gallons of water are in a cubic foot? 7.48. But you knew that, didn’t you?

Courtesy Phot Larry Richardson, Steve Black, Don Sprinkles, County Executive John R. Leopold, Angela Borders, and Mitch Franks.


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