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County Executive Leopold Calls for Union Leave Policy

Annapolis, MD (March 19, 2007) - County Executive John R. Leopold today instructed all Department Heads to strictly adhere to the recommendations of the recent Union Leave Audit.

"I have advised the Office of Personnel to establish a union leave policy, which currently does not exist, and make it clear that abuse of union leave time will not be tolerated in this Administration," said County Executive Leopold.

The Office of Personnel has been charged with establishing a union leave policy that:

  • Will develop a standardized policy to ensure that all union leave is used in accordance with union contracts.
  • Will establish a standard form to be utilized for union leave and a union leave code that will be recorded on the leave system.
  • Will create training sessions with all Departments to make them aware of the new requirements and to explain the process.
  • Will, on a monthly basis, have the Office of Personnel generate a report on union leave to determine if employees are close to the hours limitation. The report will also be used to examine the union leave in Departments to verify that the new policies are being applied properly.

County Executive Leopold expects the new union leave policy to be implemented by July, 2007.


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