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County Executive Leopold Secures State Funding for Artificial Safety Turf Fields

Anne Arundel County will be first in State to outfit all County high school fields with turf

Annapolis (December 12, 2007) - County Executive John R. Leopold announced today that the Maryland Board of Public Works approved the county’s Department of Recreation and Parks capital project to outfit the first three county high school stadium fields with safety field turf with Program Open Space funding.

"The installation of these safety turf fields increases the community’s access to recreational facilities and further extends our partnership with the county public schools to serve all residents," said County Executive Leopold. "Not only do safety fields significantly reduce maintenance costs, but they also provide a year-round all-weather, unlimited, and uniform playing surface that all members of the community can enjoy."

The $8.8 million dollar, four-year project spearheaded by the County Executive, combines county and state funds and calls for the subsequent conversion of all high school fields. Today’s Board of Public Works meeting approved funding for three first three fields.

At present, stadium fields are limited in use to about 50 times per year. However with the installation of the new safety turf in high school stadiums already equipped with lights, parking lots, concessions, bleachers and other amenities, the new fields can be used 365 days per year, all day long.

The Anne Arundel County Board of Education has determined that Arundel, Annapolis, and North County high schools will be the first to receive the new safety fields. Construction will begin Summer 2008.


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