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Transition Team Report Released

Annapolis, MD (April 5, 2007) - County Executive John R. Leopold’s transition team released its final report today.

The 70-member team interviewed dozens of county officials and employees, county residents and interested observers. The team reviewed thousands of pages of documents and spent hundreds of hours in meetings with their colleagues in order to provide recommendations and advice to the new Administration.

"During the first 100 days of this Administration, we have been proactive on a number of fronts consistent with the recommendations of the transition team," said County Executive Leopold. These initiatives include:

  • Protecting open space and capitalizing on opportunities to utilize the Crownsville Hospital Center and Naval Academy Dairy Farm properties
  • Streamlining the permit process and making the Department of Inspections and Permits more consumer-friendly
  • Completion of a revised General Development Plan that maintains rural areas, revitalizes older communities and targets development in Smart Growth, mixed-use and transit-oriented areas
  • The addition of a conference center in the County that provides a venue for high school graduations, as well as business, government and other events
  • Building partnerships between the Anne Arundel Community College Parenting Center and public middle schools

"The goal of the Transition Team has not been to look in the rearview mirror to find fault with past administrations, but to draft a blueprint for action to improve the quality of life for Anne Arundel County residents," said County Executive Leopold.

The Transition Team Report is available on-line. Transition Team Chairman Tyson Bennett can be reached for comment at (410) 573-2001.


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