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Anne Arundel County Storm Update

Annapolis, MD (April 16, 2007) - Anne Arundel County Executive John R. Leopold is urging residents to monitor the weather and be prepared for potential flooding and high winds. The County Executive has compiled the information below to assist the media in getting information to the public regarding the storm.

According to BGE, Anne Arundel County currently has about 2,500 residents without power. Power outages are being reported near the Lipins Corner area in Pasadena and in Summers Run in the Piney Orchard area.

The Department of Public Works is reporting several roads closed at this time. Roads are being reopened as floodwaters recede but currently the roads below remain closed as of 9:00a.m., Mon 4/16:

  1. Governor Bridge Rd at Prince George's County Line
  2. Brock Bridge Rd between Dorsey Run Rd and Whiskey Bottom Rd
  3. Dicus Mill Rd at Severn Run
  4. Patuxent Rd near Patuxent Ponds Park (Woodwardville area)

Roads being monitored, but passable at this time:

  1. Ridge Chapel Rd near Matthews Town Rd
  2. Brockbridge Rd at PG county line
  3. Brockbridge Rd near Jessup Pennitentiary
  4. Harmans Rd near Strider Ct
  5. Old Mill Rd at Redmiles Ln
  6. River Rd near Eva Gude Dr
  7. Underwood Rd near Johns Hopkins Rd

Other Issues:

Benfield Blvd Utility Construction Project Related flooding - stormwater blocked by temp patches-- Northern District opened a SD manhole to relieve standing water. For more information, contact Robert Loomis at (410) 222-7042

Inspections and Permits is reporting no structural damage due to high winds. The County's two dams are intact. For more information, contact Pam Jordan (410) 222-7502.

The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) will continue to watch this storm system throughout the day. OEM staff were working on Sunday monitoring potential flooding and storm water concerns as well as maintaining contact and receiving updates from MEMA and the NOAA weather service. We are expecting high winds today with steady 25-30 mph wind speeds and gusts to 60 mph. OEM staff are in contact with BGE and have been advised their crews are working hard to restore the roughly 2,500 customers currently out of power. The combination of strong winds and saturated ground increase the likelihood for down trees and wires. OEM will have staff members maintaining contact with our various county agencies to meet any needs. We will be partaking in a noon time conference call to get the latest weather outlook from MEMA and the NOAA weather service. For further information contact OEM staff at (410) 222-0600.

The Police Department’s 911 Center is continuing to monitor calls for service regarding storm related matter. These incidents would include road hazards due to standing water, fallen trees or power outages effecting major roadways. In addition, officers on routine patrol are remaining cognizant of storm related hazards needed attention and requiring notification to other county agencies. At this point in time, no major road closures have been reported due to storm related hazards. However, various secondary roadways have been affected and are constantly being monitored. For more information contact:

Lt. David Waltemeyer, Public Information Officer at (410) 222-8700.

The Anne Arundel County Fire Department is reporting, since 1900 hours yesterday the Fire Department has answered about eighteen (18) calls for powerlines/wires down.

  1. One call for storm damage to a home in the Odenton area.
  2. Two calls for assistance with flooded basements.

The Fire Department suggests that all residents take the appropriate precautions:

  • Watch out for and stay clear of downed power lines and wires
  • Remove/secure any lawn furniture or other items that may become airborne missiles/projectiles
  • Ensure that curtains, drapes, and shutters are closed to help prevent injury in the event that windows are broken from wind blown debris
  • Do not attempt to walk or drive through standing water or flooded streams
  • For residents without power: Use caution with candles
  • Ensure that your Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Detectors have fresh batteries and are operating
  • Never operate a portable generator inside any portion of a house or out building
  • Do not enter any part of a dwelling that has been flooded where utilities/appliances have not been de-energized.

For more information contact Battalion Chief Michael Cox at (410) 222-8205.

The Department of Health has "Storms and Floods: Health and Safety Tips" on its Website. The site includes information on storm preparedness and recovery, disinfecting well water after a flood, food safety in a power outage, portable generator hazards and mold. For more information contact: Elin Jones, Public Information Officer, Department of Health at (410) 222-4508.


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