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County Executive John R. Leopold Reports Early Success in Nuisance Sign Removal

Annapolis, MD (October 15, 2007) - Anne Arundel County Executive John R. Leopold announced today that more than 562 nuisance signs were removed from road from state roadways and highways within Anne Arundel County over the weekend.

The clean up follows County Executive Leopold’s recent receipt of a permit from the State Highway Administration to remove advertisements placed along state roadways in the County.

"I am pleased that the county’s Department of Public Works in conjunction with the Ordnance Road Correctional Center acted promptly over the weekend to collect 562 nuisance signs," said County Executive Leopold. "I requested that the delegated authority from the state to the county to pick up illegally placed signs be utilized immediately and I appreciate the swift action by the collaborating agencies."

In collaboration with the Ordnance Road Correctional Center, the public works department used supervised inmate labor to remove the nuisance signs. The same crew also removed about 306 30-gallon bags of litter from roadsides this weekend.

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