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County Executive John R. Leopold Introduces Stormwater Management and Restoration of Tributaries (SMART) Fund Legislation

Annapolis (September 12, 2007) - Anne Arundel County Executive John R. Leopold announced today that he will introduce legislation on Monday that will create the Stormwater Management and Restoration of Tributaries (SMART) Fund, a special, non-lapsing fund of fee revenues that will be used implement restoration programs throughout the county.

"I made a commitment during my campaign that I would identify a fiscally responsible way to address stormwater management without increasing property taxes, and the legislation I am submitting to the Council accomplishes this goal," said County Executive Leopold. "Restoring the health of our tributaries is an extremely important policy goal of this Administration, and a fee-based approach on the basis of impervious surfaces is the most equitable solution."

The SMART Fund will replace the existing Storm Drainage Fee, however the new fee will be assessed per square foot of impervious surface added rather than the current charge imposed on gross area disturbed by construction activity, including grading.

With the proposed SMART Fund bill, no fee charge is required if the construction activity does not require a building or grading permit. Additionally, no fee charge is required if the activity requires a permit, but does not involve an increase of impervious surface, such as rebuilding on an existing footprint. Finally, no fee charge is required if the impervious surface added consists only of a retaining wall.

The net estimated revenue is $5.1 million and will be used for stormwater management programs including operation and maintenance of facilities, water quality monitoring, and inspection and enforcement activities. Revenues may also be used as matching funds for and Federal, State or private grant for funding stormwater management programs.

The legislation will be introduced by Council Chairman Ron Dillon, on behalf of the County Executive at the County Council Meeting scheduled for Monday, September 17.


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