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County Executive Leopold Submits Rural Legacy Grant Application

Annapolis, MD (February 9, 2007) - Anne Arundel County Executive John R. Leopold submitted the FY2008 Rural Legacy Grant Application to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. If approved, funds will be used for Anne Arundel County’s previously approved Rural Legacy Area. The request for funding is $5,000,000 and will focus on two strategic properties that will add 535 acres of permanently protected land in the Rhode River Watershed.

"Maintaining the integrity and traditions of South County is vital to protecting our heritage and we must seek all available funding sources," said County Executive Leopold. "In addition, obtaining State funds to supplement our already aggressive preservation efforts will support goals and recommendations in the General Development Plan."

The review period for the grant funding could take as long as six months and the County could receive all or part of the grant request.

The Rural Legacy Grant Program is utilized by jurisdictions for natural resource protection to include agricultural land and forestland. Since the program began in 1998, Anne Arundel County has received $4,400,000 in Rural Legacy Grant funding and has purchased easements totaling 855 acres in the approved Rural Legacy Area.

Anne Arundel County recently purchased a 400-acre priority property with County bond funds in the southeast corner of the Rural Legacy Area. The intent of the County is to retain the land as a working farm through a Master Lease arrangement with the Anne Arundel County Soil Conservation District. Through this unique arrangement, the land which is located within The Four Rivers: Annapolis, London Town and South County Heritage area will protect and enhance the tradition of farming in Anne Arundel County.


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