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County Executive John R. Leopold to Speak at Robinwood Community Center Dedication

County Executive John R. Leopold will join President of Northrop Grumman Electronic Systems James F. Pitts for a ribbon-cutting and dedication ceremony of the newly renovated Robinwood Community Center on Tyler Avenue on Monday, September 10 at 9 a.m.

Several officials from both the public and private sector will participate in the ceremony at the center. Robinwood Community Center has received thousands of dollars in financial support, in-kind volunteer hours, and a top-of-the-line computer laboratory through the generous efforts of Northrop Grumman with key support from FutureTech Inc. and other organizations and individuals.

The center’s renovation, a community outreach project of Northrop Grumman’s African American task group, is the result of a true public-private partnership.

County and City of Annapolis officials also participated in the rehab and pledged to continue increased police patrols, make alcohol and drug treatment available, install a community garden, and provide adult educational programs for parents at the center.


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