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County Executive Leopold & County Council Join Efforts on Enabling Legislation

Annapolis, MD (February 21, 2007) - At the request of Anne Arundel County Executive John R. Leopold and the entire County Council, legislation will be introduced today in the General Assembly authorizing the County Council to enact a car rental tax.

In a letter to County Delegation Chairs, Senator John Astle and Delegate Mary Ann Love, the County Executive and County Council requested that the General Assembly enact legislation that would enable the County to impose a tax on car rentals. The tax on automobile rentals would not apply to a rental of an automobile as a replacement vehicle while a personal vehicle is being serviced or repaired and does not apply to leases of more than 180 days. The tax would not apply to taxicabs and limousines. Due to the exemptions, County leaders believe that the impact of the tax on County residents would be minimal.

Both the County Executive and County Council expressed that the authority to levy this new tax would not be used unless they had exhausted all other options for reducing expenditures and found that necessary levels of service could not be maintained without these additional revenues.

"During the budget deliberations at both the State and County level, we are all anxious to preserve as many options as possible to create County revenue at the levels necessary to fund essential services," said County Executive Leopold.


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