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County Executive John R. Leopold Calls for Increased Recycling Efforts in County Government

Annapolis (August 21, 2007) - Anne Arundel County Executive John R. Leopold announced today that he has asked all county departments to make recycling a priority in the workplace.

Specifically, the County Executive asked that department heads lead the way and set the example by:

  • Dedicating one employee to be a Recycling Coordinator
  • Join or increase participation in the County Office Recycling Program (CORP).
  • Purchase products made of recyclable materials
  • Ensure that all documents have the Recycled Paper footer on them

"Recycling is not only vital to the conservation of space in the county’s only remaining solid waste landfill, but also uses less energy and saves natural resources," said County Executive Leopold. "As leaders in county government we should be setting the example for our citizens."

Recent enhancements in Anne Arundel County's program recycling make it easier and more economical to recycle. County Executive Leopold put an additional $124,000 in his FY2008 budget to hire two additional recycling employees to improve recycling performance.

"The additional budget allocation was targeted to improve participation in recycling in all areas," the County Executive said.

Currently about 74 county government offices are participating in the CORP program. This includes all county libraries, fire stations, senior centers, and county buildings such as the Arundel Center.

In FY 2007 the Waste Management Services organization, a bureau of the county's Department of Public Works, earned more than $1.8 million in revenue as a result of their recycling efforts, which resulted in a approximately 129,000 tons of materials being diverted from the county’s landfill.


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