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County Executive John R. Leopold Pleased with Panhandling Enforcement

Annapolis (October 19, 2007) - Anne Arundel County Executive John R. Leopold announced today that the enforcement statistics of the panhandling ban, which took effect this month, demonstrate that the law is effective in removing distractions from county roadways.

"I am pleased that county police have assertively enforced the panhandling prohibition law," said County Executive Leopold. "I have heard from citizens in all parts of the county that they are pleased with the greatly reduced presence of panhandlers on county roads."

"As of yesterday, enforcement statistics show that 3 arrests, 8 citations, and 7 warnings have been made since the panhandling ban went into effect on October 1," County Executive Leopold added. "Arrests were made at the following intersections: Route 198 and Russett Green East; Route 175 and Ridge Road; and Waugh Chapel Road & Route 3 South. With offenders facing fines up to $500, panhandlers are quickly learning that this is an issue that this County Administration takes seriously."


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