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County Executive Leopold Announces His Appointment for Planning and Zoning Officer

Annapolis, MD (January 22, 2007) - Anne Arundel County Executive John R. Leopold appointed Lois Villemaire to the position of Planning and Zoning Officer. Ms. Villemaire has been the Acting Planning and Zoning Officer since December.

“While I carefully reviewed a number of impressive applications, Ms. Villemaire’s extensive knowledge of the County’s unique challenges and her years of experience working on planning and zoning issues made her the best fit for this job,” said County Executive Leopold. “Equally important, Ms. Villemaire shares my vision for a revised General Development Plan that keeps South County rural, revitalizes older communities and directs growth where the infrastructure can best absorb it.”

Lois Villemaire has been with the County for more than 26 years serving various functions in the Permit Center and at the Office of Planning and Zoning. She also taught continuing education courses at Anne Arundel Community College on single lot and waterfront development. Ms. Villemaire held the position of Zoning Administrator, and prior to being appointed as Acting Planning and Zoning Officer, she served as the Assistant Planning and Zoning Officer, providing oversight to the Zoning, GIS/Research, Long Range and Transportation Divisions.

Lois Villemaire’s appointment becomes effective immediately at an annual salary of  $131,000.

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