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County Executive Leopold Announces Planning and Zoning Director’s Retirement & Appointment of New Director

Annapolis, MD (April 27, 2007) - Anne Arundel County Executive John R. Leopold today announced Planning and Zoning Director Lois Villemaire will be retiring effective June 1, 2007.

"Ms. Villemaire has served this Administration and the citizens of Anne Arundel County well over the past several months," said County Executive Leopold. "She was instrumental in a smooth transition and I applaud her hard work regarding the on-going revision of the General Development Plan. I wish her success and happiness in her retirement."

County Executive Leopold is announcing today his choice for Lois Villemaire’s replacement. Larry Richard Tom, a resident of Anne Arundel County since 1985 will be the new Director.

Mr. Tom has a wealth of knowledge in planning. His strong background includes being the Chief of Community Development for the city of Annapolis for nearly seven years, and is currently, the Senior Project Manager for Facilities Design and Construction at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

"Larry Tom’s extensive background in Planning and Zoning will be a real asset as we work to expedite the revision of our General Development Plan," said County Executive Leopold. "Along with heading up all housing and community development functions for the city of Annapolis, he also served as Chief of Current Planning. While at the Planning dept at Norman, Ok he spearheaded the updates of that city’s Comprehensive Plan."

Mr. Tom is a graduate of The University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Design, a Bachelor of Architecture and a Masters degree in Regional and City Planning.

Mr. Tom will begin his appointment May 21, 2007 at a salary of $120,000.


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