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Marley Station Project Celebrated

Annapolis (April 13, 2007) - County Executive John R. Leopold today announced the completion of the Marley Station stormwater management and wetland restoration project. The County Executive, along with various County officials, was joined by 600 students, staff, and parents of Marley Middle School and Anne Arundel County Public School’s Arlington Echo Outdoor Education Center. Approximately 5 acres of impervious surface drain from the mall parking area, across the Ring Road into the Marley Creek Watershed. The project is part of a compliance agreement between the United States Army Corp of Engineers and the Anne Arundel County Department of Public Works related to previous dredging on Marley Creek.

Funded through an Anne Arundel County Capital Improvement project, the stormwater management project created a beautiful bio-retention area, rich in native materials and plants, which intercepts and filters parking lot stormwater runoff before reaching Marley Creek. The project was designed by Keith Underwood and represents his unique talents that combine state of the art ecosystem restoration and nature’s beauty. The wetland creation serves as a living classroom for the students and will continue to provide educational opportunities for future students.

This is another project in the series of Arlington Echo’s Chesapeake Connections partnership with the Anne Arundel County Department of Public Works, which have included Howard’s Branch, Shipley’s Choice, Wilelinor, and North Grays Bog. The celebration will bring together all the partners for the final planting of trees and shrubs. Many of the plants and trees were propagated by Marley students at the school system’s Center for Applied Technology-North (CATN). The students will witness the benefits of their work as their plants grow, the ecosystem develops, and the quality of water entering the watershed is improved.

This cooperative project demonstrates true environmental stewardship of Anne Arundel county citizens.

Additional Contacts: Stephen Barry, Arlington Echo W (410) 222-3822, C (443) 336-4239


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