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County Executive John R. Leopold Unveils New County Recruitment Logo

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Annapolis (July 13, 2007) - Anne Arundel County Executive John R. Leopold revealed the winner of the Anne Arundel County Government Recruitment Logo Contest today.

Bob Brenton, a Pasadena resident, took home top honors as the overall contest winner at the recognition ceremony held at the Arundel Center Lobby on Calvert Street in Annapolis. Brenton received a citation and passes to county parks for his winning submission.

The purpose of the contest was to create a unified county government recruitment logo for all departments that reflects benefits of living and working in Anne Arundel County with hopes to attract the best career seekers to county positions.

Anne Arundel County was the biggest winner in this contest as our community, including students and County employees, contributed to helping us in our efforts to recruit the finest candidates for county jobs, said County Executive Leopold.

In mid-April, the County Executive, an advocate for the arts, called for submissions from students, employees, and citizens. Approximately 44 entries were narrowed down to 8 finalists in all three categories and a top overall winner was chosen by the County Executive.

The eight finalists include:

Student Category: Alexander Cochran (Rockbridge Academy); Anne-Marie Needham (Seton School).Citizen Category: Harriet Brenton (Pasadena, Md.); Bob Brenton (Pasadena, Md. ); Suzanne Marshall (Arnold, Md.).Employee Category: Jacklyn Brenton (Anne Arundel County Police); Cheryl Peterson (Anne Arundel County Public School System); Dawn Deahn (Department of Public Works). All 36 remaining participants received Certificates of Appreciation from the County Executive.


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