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County Executive Leopold Consolidates Land Use Office

Annapolis, MD (January 4, 2007) - Fulfilling his commitment to streamline County government, County Executive John R. Leopold announced the elimination of the Land Use and Environment Office and the reassignment of staff to the Departments of Public Works, Inspections and Permits, and the Office of Planning and Zoning. Existing vacancies in these three agencies will be used for most of these transfers.

"The Land Use and Environment Office has now been officially eliminated, saving the tax payers approximately $700,000 a year while streamlining some of the important services formerly housed in that office," said County Executive Leopold. "This is one more example of how I can make County Government more efficient and meet my commitment to providing essential services at less cost. I know that transition is always a difficult time for employees and I thank them for their past commitment to the citizens of this County and for their future dedication to providing vital services."

The staff has been reassigned to these departments below according to the critical elements of their programs. The following changes are effective immediately:

Department of Inspections and Permits

  • Reforestation and Buffer Management Program

Office of Planning and Zoning

  • Archeology and Historical Preservation
  • Critical Area Program Manager

Department of Public Works

  • Watershed Management Programs

The recent move is responsible for 8 positions being eliminated from the Land Use and Environment Office.


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