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County Executive John R. Leopold to Provide Support to KIPP Families

Annapolis, MD (July 18, 2007) - Anne Arundel County Executive John R. Leopold announced today that he will provide one-year membership to area Boys and Girl Clubs for all 107 children transitioning out of the recently closed Knowledge Is Power Program Harbor Academy.

Further, the County Executive and President of Anne Arundel Community College Dr. Martha A. Smith have partnered to provide free access for all KIPP parents interested in taking a broad range of classes that may enhance and ease their transition.

"I have supported charter schools since I served as a Delegate, and want to ensure that these children and families are fully supported at this developmental stage in their lives," said County Executive Leopold. "It is important that they have our support as they transition back into the traditional public school system."

"In an effort to ensure that KIPP students will receive the additional homework support needed, all 107 children will have the opportunity to join any Boys and Girls Clubs located in Anne Arundel County including those located in Freetown, Meade Village, and Annapolis," said County Executive Leopold.

"Through a pre-existing partnership established between County Government and the AACC Parenting Center," the County Executive added, "KIPP parents will have access to an array of courses at Anne Arundel Community College that meet their personal family needs such as Parenting Adolescents for Success and Financial Planning."

The County Executive previously set aside $200,000 for the AACC Parenting Center which also included business partners in the community that provide incentives such as discounts and giveaways to parents who participate in the program.

Both the club memberships and AACC courses will be made available to KIPP families immediately.


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