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Jessup Traffic Roundabout Now Open

Annapolis (January 3, 2007) - The Department of Public Works reports that the new traffic roundabout in Jessup is now complete and open to all traffic. The roundabout is located at the intersection of Wigley Avenue, Montevideo Road and Forest Avenue. Construction under a Capital Improvement Project began in August, 2006.

Roundabouts, or circular intersections, are designed to safely move traffic in a counter clockwise direction. Motorists entering the roundabout should remember to always yield to traffic already in the roundabout. Motorists exiting the roundabout should always remember to signal their intentions before exiting.

Signs will be posted in this location until January 16, 2007 to alert motorists to new traffic patterns.

For further information on using roundabouts, the public may visit for a flash demonstration.


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