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County Executive John R. Leopold Takes a Strong Stance on Illegal Immigrants in the Workforce

Annapolis (August 14, 2007) County Executive John R. Leopold announced today through an Executive Order that Anne Arundel County Government will require all companies and individuals that contract with the County to comply with federal law regarding the employment of illegal aliens.

"As a result of this Executive Order, the county Purchasing Department will add language to all future contracts and Requests for Proposals that expressly references the need for compliance with federal laws prohibiting the employment of illegal immigrants," said County Executive Leopold. "Compliance with federal law is a mandatory term and condition of any contract with Anne Arundel County. Non-Compliance with that condition will be considered a material breach of the contract, constituting grounds for termination."

The Executive Order will result in new language for future contracts, but existing contractors and vendors are expected to comply with the law as well. The Executive Order is effective immediately.


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