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County Executive Leopold hails guilty verdict in case of building without permits

Annapolis, MD (May 2, 2007) - Anne Arundel County Executive John R. Leopold today applauded the Office of Law for successfully litigating a civil case against a Glen Burnie woman who built a deck, gazebo and walkway illegally in the Critical Area buffer.

Elaine K. Lingis of 1004 Nabbs Creek Road pled not guilty to building and grading in the Critical Area without permits. District Court Judge Megan Johnson found Ms. Lingis guilty yesterday and fined her $750 for building and grading without a permit.

"This Administration is serious about environmental violations, and people who ignore the law will be punished," Mr. Leopold said. "The Office of Law is working diligently to prosecute scores of cases each week investigated by the Department of Inspections and Permits, and this is just another example of the fruits of that labor."

Ms Lingis has 30 days to apply for the permits and must respond to comment letters within 10 days. If she fails to apply or is denied the permits, she must remove the structures.

A total of 83 cases of zoning, grading or building violations were forwarded to the Office of Law last month. Nearly 200 cases have been forwarded since Mr. Leopold took office, and a total of 322 cases are pending.

Two other notable cases concluded yesterday:

  • Donald Sowers of 319 Johnson Farm Lane in Glen Burnie was sentenced to jail for criminal contempt and paid a fine of $250 in a case of having unregistered vehicles and portable storage containers on his property. All but 15 days of his 120-day sentence was suspended. Mr. Sowers was ordered to abate all violations within 48 hours of his release from jail.
  • James T. Cox III of 3912 Germantown Road in Edgewater pled guilty to building a retaining wall in the Critical Area and grading without permits. In exchange for his cooperation, he received a total of $750 in fines after agreeing to fix the violations.

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