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Collaborative Effort Between County Executive Leopold and Members of the County Council Results in $2,437,000 in Grant Funding

Annapolis, MD (May 22, 2007) - Anne Arundel County Executive John R. Leopold and County Council Chairman Ronald C. Dillon, Jr., along with members of the County Council, have worked collaboratively to establish a grants budget that recognizes fiscal restraint and provides funding for a wide range of organizations that offer needed services to County residents.

"A reduction in the grants program by more than 50% should provide an impetus for non-profit organizations to reduce their reliance on taxpayer funding and increase their efforts to seek additional funding from private and foundation sources," said County Executive Leopold.

"The entire Council worked diligently to restore funding to those non-profit organizations that help our Anne Arundel County citizens most in need," said Chairman Dillon. "It was also important to focus on organizations that planned to use County funds as a match against other grants. We heard from the public loud and clear and took their testimony and communications to heart."


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