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County Executive Leopold and County Council Call on Governor’s Grant Office for Support

Annapolis, MD (May 29, 2007) - In response to a joint request from County Executive John R. Leopold and the County Council, Governor Martin O’Malley’s Grants Office has agreed to provide technical assistance to the county’s non-profit organizations. The Grants Office will also conduct a survey of Maryland counties to assess current practices in providing county funds to local groups.

In addition to the survey, the Grants Office will assist these groups in developing outcome measurements to ensure that taxpayer funds achieve real results. Local organizations will also be invited to join the Grants Office’s statewide training conference in September. That program is designed to help non-profits identify private and foundation funding sources, successfully apply for those grants, and then manage those grant funds for success.

"With the support and expertise of the Governor’s Grants Office, we will be able to assist these organizations in a fiscally responsible manner," said County Executive Leopold. "The budget outlook will present numerous challenges, and the non-profit groups should be empowered to increase their access to private and foundation funding."

"Improving the quality of performance measures is increasingly important for all grant recipients," said Eric Brenner, Director of the Governor’s Grants Office. "The public appropriately wants to know what they are getting with their tax dollars. The Governor's Grants Office provides training on all aspects of finding, winning, and managing grants and looks forward to working with Anne Arundel county officials and non-profits to increase participation in these classes and conferences."

Local groups such as the Anne Arundel County Arts Council and the Community Foundation of Anne Arundel County support this joint initiative.


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