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County Executive John R. Leopold Announces Civil Action Against Judge Askew Gatewood, Jr.

Annapolis (November 15, 2007) - County Executive John R. Leopold announces the pursuit of civil action by Anne Arundel County against Judge Askew Gatewood, Jr., for violations related to his alleged illegal dumping of construction rubble along the waterfront of his North County home at 8401 Bay Road in Riviera Beach.

"Anne Arundel County will actively pursue anyone who violates environmental or county regulations, especially those in critical areas. The protection of our waterways and shorelines is of the utmost importance to this Administration, as well as current and future generations of Anne Arundel County residents," Mr. Leopold said.

County law requires grading permits for this type of activity and none were obtained for this location. The maximum penalty for this violation carries a fine of up to $8,500. The State has also filed charges which may subject Judge Gatewood to a greater penalty for State violations.

County Executive Leopold said, "These violations are very extensive and egregious and the actions of Anne Arundel County in filing these complaints are consistent with the Administration’s policy that such actions will receive aggressive enforcement by county personnel."


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