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County Executive John R. Leopold Praises Planning Advisory Board for Advisory Committee Creation and Invites Public Participation

Annapolis (November 28, 2007) - County Executive John R. Leopold announces his support for the Planning Advisory Board’s formation of a Special Advisory Committee to provide input on the update of the General Development Plan (GDP).

"As part of my effort to maximize public participation in the GDP revision process, I am pleased with the formation of this 21-member Planning Advisory Board Special Advisory Committee, which will provide helpful insight regarding the findings and recommendations for an updated GDP," Mr. Leopold said.

"We recognize the importance of providing opportunities for the public to participate, and the GDP Advisory Committee will be an excellent vehicle to provide that participation," Michelle Corkadel, Planning Advisory Board Chairperson, added.

The Special Advisory Committee (SAC) will be composed of 21 Anne Arundel County residents interested in providing timely review and comment of the findings and recommendations for the updated GDP to the Planning Advisory Board.

The application period for the Special Advisory Committee will begin at the end of November, 2007, and will run through January 15, 2008. Selected applicants will be notified in late January, 2008.

For more information contact George Cardwell, Planning and Zoning, at (410) 222-7432, or Michelle Corkadel at (410) 212-1213.

>> Application and Program Description


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