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Wastewater spill detected near Furnace Creek

Crews have shut off leaking pipe

Annapolis, MD (May 9, 2007) - Department of Public Works crews have begun work to address a leak discovered in a wastewater force main at the end of Hilltop Road in Glen Burnie, which may have resulted in more than 40,000 gallons spilling into Furnace Creek.

A Public Works employee noticed the leak at about 10 a.m. today.  Workers have isolated the affected segment of pipeline and repair work is scheduled to begin Thursday morning. Wastewater service to the public has not been impacted by the break because flow was diverted to a parallel main.

“Repairs should be completed before the weekend,” said Department of Public Works Director Ron Bowen.

For several years, Furnace Creek has been closed for swimming and other direct water contact by the Department of Health due to consistently high bacterial levels.

Signs have been posted around the site warning people to avoid contact with the water. The Department of Health recommends that anyone who may have come in contact with the soil or water in the posted area should wash well with soap and warm water. Clothing should also be washed. 

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