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County Executive John R. Leopold Supports Preventative Health Measures and Transit Needs

Annapolis, MD (August 6, 2007) - Anne Arundel County Executive John R. Leopold announced today that he will provide supplemental budget funding to support FluMist™ vaccinations for all elementary school children in the County and to preserve mass transit service in the Fort Meade area.

The Anne Arundel County Department of Health will make FluMist™ nasal spray vaccinations available to all County public elementary school children this fall at their local school site, in order to reduce the case of influenza throughout the county this season.

"According to recent studies, vaccinating the school-aged population is an effective way to reduce the incidence of flu among all age groups in the community," said County Executive Leopold.

"Children have a higher rate of infection during flu season than adults, and children are often the primary source of infection for other family members. The widespread access and availability of FluMist™ through County elementary schools will only improve overall County public health during the flu season."

County Executive Leopold is also taking steps to support transit needs of north and west County residents by providing a supplemental appropriation to the FY2008 Corridor Transportation Corporation commuter bus budget.

"Additional operating funds in the amount of $90,000 were appropriated for CTC commuter bus to preserve much of the service in Odenton/Severn/Glen Burnie area, as the cost of operating the service has increased due to a new labor contract and the rising cost of fuel," said the County Executive. "If Anne Arundel County did not add more funds, the result would have been a very drastic loss of service and an increase in cost for fares. Our transportation staff has worked closely with the officials of City of Laurel, Howard, and Prince Georges counties on the transportation plan."

The additional $90,000 from Anne Arundel County is part of a regional effort to forestall more severe reductions in services due to increased fuel and operating costs. The County is awaiting decision from the federal government for its application for a match grant for three additional 30-foot buses to improve mass transit service.

For more information about FluMist™ vaccinations, please contact the Anne Arundel County Department of Health at (410) 222-7095 or visit the Health Department website. For additional information about the CTC Regional Transit System’s service routes and schedules, please contact the main CTC office at 1-800-270-9553.


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