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County Executive John R. Leopold Highlights County Discount Prescription Drug Program

Annapolis, MD (July 31, 2007) - Anne Arundel County Executive John R. Leopold announced today that Anne Arundel County residents, of any age or income, can get significant savings on prescription medications through the Department of Health’s Prescription Discount Program.

"I am pleased that we can offer this discount program with no enrollment cost or monthly fee and hope that our residents will continue to take advantage of it," said County Executive Leopold. "Especially noteworthy is that the program participants receive a discount card that offers an average discount of 25 percent, but up to 50 percent on brand name and generic prescription drugs."

ScriptSave® cardholders also receive discounts on vision exams, glasses and contact lenses; hearing exams and supplies; diabetic and respiratory supplies; and home medical equipment. The card is accepted in nearly all County pharmacies.

ScriptSave ® card has been available to county residents since July 1, 2005. Approximately 7,600 Anne Arundel County cardholders have saved more than $285,000 on prescription drugs and have filled more than 14,300 prescriptions.

County residents with pharmacy or vision coverage can also use the ScriptSave® card. While the ScriptSave® card cannot be combined with another prescription plan for the same transaction, it pays to compare out-of-pocket costs, which vary depending on the medication. County residents enrolled in Medicare Part D can use the card for savings on prescriptions that are not covered by their Medicare Part D program.

To join the Prescription Discount Program, call the toll-free ScriptSave® customer service line, 1-800-700-3957, and mention Group #586, or visit and log on using Group #586.

For more information about the Prescription Discount Program and other Department of Health services, visit the Department’s Web site,


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