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County Executive Leopold Submits Bill to Curb Abuse of Disabled Individuals’ Parking Places

Annapolis, MD (May 21, 2007) - Anne Arundel County Executive John R. Leopold submitted legislation to the County Council that will double the fine for illegally parking in a disabled parking place anywhere in the County. The legislation will be introduced tonight.

"As a member of several Presidential and State commissions for the disabled and a long-time advocate for the rights of individuals with disabilities, I am pleased to submit this legislation to the County, which will firmly establish this Administration’s commitment to the disabled community," said County Executive Leopold. "Far too often individuals without disabilities will unconscionably use parking spaces reserved for individuals with disabilities. This Administration will not tolerate this inconsiderate treatment of our disabled citizens."

The bill would increase the fine from $100 to $200 for violating any of the three provisions in the County Code regarding parking or stopping at space reserved for the disabled. Police Officers will enforce:

  • Parking in a space marked for the use of individuals with disabilities unless the person bears either valid special registration plate or parking permit for disabled persons issued by the Motor Vehicle Administration. AACo Code 12-3-101(d) (8)
  • Parking in front of a curb ramp designed for the use of individuals with disabilities; AACo 12-3-101 (d) (9)
  • Parking in front of or on a passenger-loading zone designed or marked for use of individuals with disabilities. AACo 12-3-101 (d) (10)

The increase in fines will also bring Anne Arundel County into line with other jurisdictions regarding penalties for abusing disabled parking spaces.

A public hearing is set for June 4, 2007.


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