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County Executive John R. Leopold Unveils DPW TV

Annapolis, MD (December 14, 2007) - County Executive John R. Leopold today announced the launch of DPW TV, a new online feature that will help residents access news and information about the Department of Public Works.

“Multimedia is one of the best ways to reach the public because so many people get their information online,” County Executive Leopold said. “The launch of DPW TV allows residents to gain a more in-depth knowledge of how the County works and the services they provide. They will also get to know the hundreds of County employees who work for them every day on the roads and in the trenches.”

Videos are available on the Video page and also from the homepage. They will also be posted on YouTube and accessible as Podcasts. Some of the early topics include the procedure for road resurfacing, readiness for the snow season, the County’s new recycling campaign, and a profile of one of our snow plow drivers.

“Public Works has more interaction with the public than any other agency in County government, and we want to make it’s easier for people to learn about our services,” said Department of Public Works Director Ron Bowen. “We deal with complex issues, such as right of way management and facilities improvements. The goal is to add a feature that people feel comfortable with in dealing with County forces.”

Anne Arundel County is constantly striving to improve outreach. The County’s website has been named one of the ten best sites by the Center for Digital Government, and the regular cable program “Week In Review,” has won the Telly Award. Be sure to check out DPW TV regularly for new video content.


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