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County Executive Leopold Announces Cooperation Between County & City

Growth Task Force Created

Annapolis, MD (January 24, 2007) - Anne Arundel County Executive John R. Leopold announced a collaborative move that will create a County/City Growth Task Force to study municipal growth and an urban growth boundary.

Recognizing that growth is an issue that must be dealt with cooperatively, County Executive John R. Leopold, Mayor Ellen Moyer and County Councilmember Joshua Cohen have all appointed representatives to the task force that will meet for the first time tonight.

"Responsible growth management, like all issues is best accomplished through collaboration and communication, and I am pleased to forge a working relationship with the City in order to accomplish this important goal," said County Executive Leopold.

The purpose of the task force is to begin discussion of the requirements passed in HB 1141 by the 2006 Maryland General Assembly. The bill makes several changes regarding local government planning in the State. In general, it modifies provisions regarding the required elements of local comprehensive plans, modifies provisions relating to annexation, authorizes and encourages joint planning by local governments, modifies provision governing priority funding areas and establishes a Task Force on Future Growth and Development in Maryland.

The County is currently putting together its Fiscal Needs Analysis, while working on a draft for the next County General Development Plan. At the same time, the City of Annapolis is in the process of developing a new comprehensive plan also for 2008.

Annapolis Mayor Ellen Moyer had previously appointed a growth task force and a meeting was scheduled for January 10th. Rather than creating a whole new committee, the County Executive and Mayor agreed to appoint additional members to the existing committee.

"These individuals collectively bring a wealth of civic and professional experience including business, transportation, education, public safety and the environment," said Mayor Ellen Moyer. "I’m glad to be part of this cooperative effort with the County to ensure we meet our mutual goals."

The members of the Task Force are as follows:

  • Rene Swafford - Attorney with general practice in law whose office is located on Wagner Street in Annapolis
  • Mike Collins - USNA graduate, retired Commander
  • Andy Smarick - Former candidate for Congressional Office
  • Phil Dales - Chairman of the Annapolis Neck Small Area Plan Committee
  • Midgett Parker - Chairman of the Chesapeake Bay Trust and local land-use attorney with Linowes and Blocher
  • Kincey Potter - President of the South River Federation
  • Bob Burdon - Executive Director, Chamber of Commerce
  • Whitney Chellis - Former Chair, Annapolis Planning Commission
  • Dennis Contie - Former Executive Director, Annapolis Housing Authority
  • Philip Dales - Former Chair, Annapolis Neck Small Area Planning Committee
  • Scott Mobley - President, Annapolis Neck Peninsula Federation
  • Shelley Row - Former President, Eastport Civic Association
  • Tony Spencer - Former member - Board of Education

Wednesday’s meeting will be held at the Annapolis Planning and Zoning Office, 145 Gorman Street - 3rd Floor at 7:00 p.m.


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