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EPA Issues Administrative Order to Brooklyn Park Company for Hazardous Materials Cleanup

Annapolis, MD (October 25, 2007) – County Executive John R. Leopold reported today that the United States Environmental Protection Agency issued an administrative order to the Consolidated Pharmaceutical Group, Inc. to clean up hazardous materials at its facility located at 6110 Robinwood Road in Brooklyn Park or face fines up to $32,500 per day.

“I am pleased that the EPA has issued an administrative order directed to Consolidated Pharmaceutical Group, directing the company to remove hazardous materials from the Robinwood Road site,” said County Executive Leopold. “It is my understanding, if the company does not comply with the order within 7 business days, the EPA will remove the hazardous materials and send the Consolidated Pharmaceutical Group the bill for its cleanup efforts. It is imperative that these hazardous materials be removed as soon as possible.”

The EPA’s administrative order includes some of the following directives to protect public safety and require Consolidated Pharmaceutical Group t

  • Immediately establish a 24-hour fire watch and security at the Robinwood Road site to maximize safety and prevent access by trespassers
  • Prepare and implement a health safety plan to protect safety of workers and the public from hazardous substances
  • Immediately dispose the contents of a tank containing hydrochloric acid by October 31, 2007
  • Consolidate, prepare, package, and dispose off-site all hazardous substances by November 30, 2007 and all pollutants and contaminants by December 31, 2007.

EPA will have final approval of the detailed cleanup plans to be submitted by Consolidated Pharmaceutical Group before any work takes place and final decision on whether the work done is sufficient.

“As I stated earlier, the presence of these hazardous materials, both dry and liquid stored in open containers throughout the site, could cause a potentially catastrophic fire that would impact area residents and schools,” County Executive Leopold added.


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