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County Executive John R. Leopold Makes New Cabinet Appointments

Annapolis (August 10, 2007) - County Executive John R. Leopold announced today that Sheryl Banks will become the new Director of the Department of Aging and Disabilities and Yevola Peters will assume new responsibilities as Special Assistant for Minority Affairs, effective immediately.

Wayne M. Taylor, current Director of the Department of Aging and Disabilities, has submitted a letter of resignation stating that he "can better serve a larger portion of the population from an elected position." He added that "it was a pleasure to have served the citizens of Anne Arundel County as the Director of the Department."

"As an elected official for over 30 years, I can fully appreciate Mr. Taylor’s desire to resume a career as an elected official, said County Executive Leopold. " I thank him for his service and dedication as Director of the Department of Aging and Disabilities."

Ms. Banks, formerly the Special Assistant for Minority Affairs and Human Relations Officer for the County, holds a degree in business management and public policy with over 13 years of organizational development experience in the private sector.

Ms. Peters, formerly the Director of Community Services for County, is a longtime advocate for minority issues and the former director of the Anne Arundel County Community Action Agency, a position she held for nearly 30 years.

Assistant Chief Administrative Officer Erik Robey will oversee the Community Services office in Ms. Peters’ stead.


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