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Baltimore & Annapolis Trail Segment Closed to Visitors

Annapolis (January 8, 2007) - The Department of Recreation and Parks closed a segment of the Baltimore & Annapolis Trail Park this morning after discovering a section of the trail had washed away. The B & A Trail is closed to all bicycle and pedestrian traffic between Upper Randell Road and Hoyle Lane in Severna Park. Park officials have barricaded the entrances at Holye Lane and Upper Randell Road to keep visitors away from the area.

While the exact cause of the failure is under investigation, it is clear that rainwater directed towards the stormwater pipe located under the trail contributed to the washout. Park officials have secured the area for the public’s safety during the investigation and subsequent repairs.

The trail will be closed for at least one week.

For additional information contact: David Dionne, Superintendent of Trails and Greenways at (410) 222-8820.


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