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County Executive Leopold Announces Arbitration Award with Police Sergeants Union

Annapolis, MD (May 7, 2007) - Anne Arundel County Executive John R. Leopold announced that the County has successfully concluded arbitration with the Police Supervisors Association.

"I am pleased that this first County experiment with binding arbitration has been successfully concluded with both the taxpayer and Police Sergeants arriving at a decision that is fair to both," said County Executive Leopold.

The Interest award issued to the County is the first in history, and is pursuant to the impasse procedures contained in section 6-4-111 of the Anne Arundel County code, or (The Impasse Procedures for Uniformed Public Safety Exclusive Representative).

A total of 74 authorized police sergeant positions make up the Police Supervisors Association.

"This welcome development comes on the heels of our successful County negotiations with seven other unions, most of which resulted in long-term contracts," said Mr. Leopold. "I would like to commend our outstanding negotiation team lead by Personnel Officer Andrea Fulton and Assistant Personnel Officer John O’Connor."


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