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"Anne Arundel County Week in Review" Television Program Now on the Internet

County Executive’s Program Can Be Viewed Worldwide

Annapolis, MD (June 9, 2006) - Anne Arundel County Executive Janet S. Owens announced, anyone with a computer can see first hand, County Government at work. The County Executive’s new television program, "Anne Arundel County Week in Review" airs on the PEG Channel 98, and is now accessible on the Internet.

"Putting our program on the web is a logical step in the right direction, in a County that is so technologically advanced," said Ms. Owens. "I encourage residents living in the County to watch for up-to-date information on issues and agencies, and residents who live outside the County will learn more about what Anne Arundel has to offer," she added.

The program showcases different agencies along with County news, sports, legislative reports, County Council updates, pet adoptions and even current job openings.

"County residents will be able to get inside County issues, and better understand all that is accomplished on a weekly basis. Just as important, residents will be able to see how their tax dollars are being spent," said County Executive Owens.

>> View "Anne Arundel County Week in Review"

The program is now accessible on the Internet anytime of the day or night to fit the busy lifestyle of many residents.


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