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County Executive Owens Appoints Village of Waugh Chapel Planning Advisory Committee

Annapolis, MD (January 20, 2006) - County Executive Janet S. Owens announced the appointment of Seven (7) new members to serve three-year terms on the Village of Waugh Chapel Planning Advisory Committee. An original Committee was formed as part of the Suburban Community Center Legislation that was passed by the County Council in 1996 (Bill No. 36-96).

This new Committee will make recommendations to the Planning and Zoning Officer and the Applicant concerning the conceptual design plan, proposed master development standards and site plan. They will also make recommendations to the Planning and Zoning Officer, Applicant, and Administrative Hearing Officer on any changes to the plan or modifications to the regulations after the Special Exception is approved.

The Committee is responsible for facilitating information flow to the surrounding Communities and to work to achieve consensus on any issues concerning the proposed Center. The Committee shall remain in existence after approval of a Center, with a term to expire in 2009.

With the proposed addition to the existing Village of Waugh Chapel, the County Executive has appointed the following individuals to serve on the Committee:

  • Mr. Edwin Dosek - Chair
  • Mr. Don White
  • Ms. Joan Berry
  • Mr. Tim Rusnic
  • Mr. Ted Gattino
  • Mr. Norman Myers
  • Mr. Norman Harvey

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