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County Executive Janet Owens Lifts North County Water Restrictions

Restrictions Being Lifted Prior to October 1

Annapolis (September 8, 2006) - County Executive Janet S. Owens announced today that all water restrictions put in place for Northern Anne Arundel County have been lifted. Voluntary and mandatory outdoor water restrictions were put in place May 3.

While the water main in Baltimore County that supplements county water supplies is still being repaired, temporary enhancements to the County’s own water system are now in place and are providing water to West County as planned. Those improvements, coupled with milder weather and rainfall, prompted the County Executive to declare an end to the restrictions.

"The residents and businesses that were impacted by the restrictions have been more than patient," said County Executive Owens today. "As promised, the Department of Public Works has aggressively worked to install temporary water lines and activate additional pumps to increase flow to West County. Because of conservation efforts on the part of the public, seasonal weather conditions and the technical enhancements to our water supply system, I am very pleased to be able to lift the restrictions almost a month early."

While water conservation is always prudent, all residents and business throughout northern Anne Arundel County may resume outdoor water usage at any hour, including weekends. The repair to the Baltimore County line is expected to be complete by May, 2007 in advance of increased demand for outdoor water usage next summer.

For further information on the lifted restrictions, the public may call (410) 222-4420.


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