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Department of Public Works Hosts Annual Snow Inspection

County Executive Owens honored by employees

Annapolis (October 20, 2006) - The Department of Public Works, Bureau of Highways held its annual Snow Inspection and Rodeo this week-an exercise of preparedness for impending winter weather. This year, each District honored County Executive Janet S. Owens for her dedication and commitment to the employees and citizens of the County who have sustained some of nature’s most unusual weather events during Ms. Owens Administration.

"I am so proud of the employees who have tirelessly worked through some incredible weather conditions to help safely restore normalcy and routine to the citizens of this County," said Ms. Owens. "These dedicated men and women have continued to prove that they stand ready for any emergency situation and have proven themselves time and time again--we are ready for this Winter season."

Each District held its own inspection and rodeo this year -- Central District in Odenton on Tuesday, Northern District in Pasadena on Wednesday, and Southern District on Thursday. These events officially launch the Department of Public Works into snow preparedness. During the events trucks and equipment were inspected for safety and endurance and employees participated in skills competitions. During a lunchtime ceremony, employees were recognized for outstanding service to the public, exceptional skills in safely handling and maintaining trucks, plows and equipment.


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