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Department of Health Recieves Water Sample Results for Sandy Point’s Beaches

Water Quality Acceptable for Swimming and Other Recreational Use at South Beach, However Advisory Remains in Effect for East Beach

Annapolis (July 30, 2006) - The Anne Arundel County Department of Health has received the test results of water samples collected from Sandy Point State Park on Saturday, July 29. Results show that the water at Sandy Point’s South Beach meets standards acceptable for direct recreational water contact. These standards are set by the Maryland Department of the Environment and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The Department of Health’s advisory for the South Beach, which was issued on July 28, has been lifted.

Results from water collected yesterday from the East Beach showed high bacteria levels. The July 28 advisory for the East Beach will remain in effect until further notice from the Department of Health. The health advisory does not affect picnicking or boating at the East Beach.  

Cooking kills bacteria and viruses, and it is generally okay to eat the fish and crabs taken from an area where an advisory has been issued, as long as the fish and crabs are handled properly. Fish should be kept in a cool place or on ice and then cooked thoroughly. Live crabs should be thoroughly cooked. The cooked fish and crabs should not come back into contact with any surfaces or containers in which they were kept uncooked.

People coming in contact with the affected water should wash well with soap and warm water immediately.  Clothing should also be washed.

For more information on the status of the advisory, visit the Department’s Web site,, or call the Water Quality Line, (410) 222-7999.  Subscribers to the Department’s Recreational Water Quality E-mail Alert System will receive e-mail notifying them when the East Beach advisory is lifted. To sign up for the free e-alert system, visit the 
Department’s Website.


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