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County Executive Owens Accepts Planning & Zoning Officer’s Resignation

Annapolis, MD (November 3, 2006) - Anne Arundel County Executive Janet S. Owens accepted Planning and Zoning Officer Joseph Rutter’s resignation today.

“I am proud of the initiatives that we were able to accomplish with Joe as the Planning and Zoning Officer,” said County Executive Owens. “I believe the County is well positioned for a more coherent, predictable and uniform planning process in the future.”

One of the larger projects Joe Rutter took on and accomplished was the first complete rewrite of the subdivision and zoning code in 35 years.

Mr. Rutter was the Planning and Zoning Officer for almost four years, and is credited with the revision of the Adequate Public Facilities Law, reorganizing the Office of Planning and Zoning and restructuring the Department of Inspections and Permits functions to be more efficient and effective.

Among his other accomplishments, he prepared numerous changes to the zoning code, which were adopted by County Council to include: Provisions for Bed and Breakfast facilities in South County, legislation to assist the County Watermen in conducting their business and allowing wineries under certain circumstances. Through his collaboration with County Executive Owens, Mr. Rutter enhanced environmental protection in the County through major revisions to the Critical Area Law, also adopted by the County Council and the Critical Area Commission.

Mr. Rutter’s resignation becomes effective December 1, 2006.


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