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Anne Arundel County Recognized for Excellence in Public Procurement

Annapolis, MD (August 10, 2006) - Anne Arundel County Executive Janet S. Owens announced the County has been awarded the Outstanding Agency Accreditation Achievement Award. This award is presented by the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing ( NIGP) to formally recognize agencies that are leaders in the public procurement profession.

“How we spend taxpayers money is extremely important,” said County Executive Owens. “I am pleased that Anne Arundel County has joined an elite group of purchasing organizations, which represents the highest standards of quality and efficiency in government.”

The Outstanding Agency Accreditation Achievement Award is designed as a self-evaluation process. It requires a response to a detailed application and substantial documentation.

“This process confirms that the County’s Purchasing operations are being conducted using nationally recognized best practices for automation, policies and procedures,” said Bill Schull, Anne Arundel County Purchasing Agent.

NIGP is an international, not-for-profit educational and technical organization of public purchasing agencies. It represents 2,600 governmental agencies in the United States and Canada.

Anne Arundel County has been a member of NIGP for more than 25 years and is a founding member of the local chapter, the Maryland Public Purchasing Association, Inc.


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