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Anne Arundel County’s Animal Control Facility celebrates  “National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week”

Anne Arundel County, MD. - November 6th-11th, 2006 - The Anne Arundel County Police Department’s Animal Control facility will be celebrating National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week along with many other humane organizations across the country November 6th-11th, 2006. The goal of this celebration is to inform the public of the many programs and vital services that animal control provides to the community.

Anne Arundel County Animal Control offers a variety of programs and services to the community to ensure the humane treatment of animals, and to protecting public health and safety, these services include:

  • Providing a safe haven for stray, abandoned, and unwanted animals
  • Provides 24-emergency response services to animals in danger, including sick and injured wild and domesticated animals
  • Investigates public safety issues and animal abuse/neglect complaints
  • Provides a “Humane Education Program” to the public

Animal Control feels that it would not be able to provide these vital programs and services to the community if it wasn’t for the citizens of the county. Therefore, in return, the county’s animal control staff invites you to celebrate the National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week with them at the county’s Animal Control Facility located at 411 Maxwell Frye Road in Millersville, November 6th –11th, 2006.

How can you help your local animal shelters? Here are just a few ways you can help:

  • Offer donations of supplies like blankets and newspaper
  • Report animal abuse and neglect to the proper authorities
  • Practice and teach others about the importance of responsible pet ownership
  • Adopt your next pet from your local animal shelter

Together, you and your local animal control can make a significant difference in helping the animals and the citizens of your community.


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