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Department of Health Issues Advisory Against Direct Water Contact In Headwaters of Mill Creek (Arnold)

Annapolis, MD (September 1, 2006) - The Anne Arundel County Department of Health has issued an advisory to avoid swimming, jet skiing and other direct water contact in the headwaters area of Mill Creek (Arnold) due to high bacteria levels found in water samples collected by the Department’s Recreational Water Quality Monitoring Program.  The Mill Creek advisory extends from the creek’s headwaters to Haskell Drive.  Other locations in Mill Creek have tested at acceptable levels for recreational water use, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s criteria.

The Department of Health advises people coming in contact with the affected water to wash well with soap and warm water immediately.  Clothing should also be washed.

The advisory will remain in effect until further notice from the Department of Health.  For more information on the status of the advisory, call the Water Quality Line, 410-222-7999, or visit the
Department’s Website.  The Water Quality page has a section for signing up to receive free e-mail alerts when a County recreational waterway is closed or an advisory is issued by the Department of Health.


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